Trolltunga Adventures


Trolltunga Adventures organizes outdoor adventure trips in Hardangervidda National Park and beyond. We´ve been offering overnight hikes to Trolltunga since 2013.

We´ve arranged alternative hiking routes to Trolltunga, away from the masses. Whether you want to join one of our fixed treks or design your own, we'll love to customize *all-inclusive adventures that meets your needs and abilities.

One of the best ways to connect with nature is to spend a night camping in the wild. We've spent hundreds of nights sleeping in tents and know our shelter and cooking routines like second nature.

You may not have the gear or expertise to attempt an overnight backpacking trip in to the mountains of Norway, but we do and would love to share our passion with you.

We generally take smaller groups compared to most guide-, outfitter- and adventure tour operators. This allows us to tailor a unique adventure experience that´s right for your experience level and preferences.

We provide delicious warm meals and warm drinks. We can also provide warm sleeping bags, a sleeping mat to insulate you from the ground and a tent.

If you want to enjoy nature without worrying about all the details, that´s perfectly fine. Let us worry about setting up camp, cooking a delicious meal and other details. If you like helping out, you are welcome to. We're laid back and just want you to enjoy your Norwegian adventure.


Location matters


We guide the trips that blows us away. A lot of exploration goes into each and every trip we lead. When we find a route or a location that drops our jaw, we know we’re onto something that you’ll be happy with.

We spend a great deal of time improving our services: Revise and update safety plans and protocols. Review and refine trip outlines and logistics. And we maintain a genuine commitment to the environment.

Feedback from you, our clients, is an essential ongoing process that helps us steer everything forward.

And every year we get better and better.

And better.


Please contact us today, so we can tailor an adventure for you and your party.


*All-inclusive means all meals, tents, sleeping bags and mats for the overnight stay. 


They offer a unique personal experience where you not only get the care from them, but you feel like you have a friend in Norway when you leave. Far better than any big business or group – it’s intimate, hands on, and 5-star service all around.
— Dana, Texas