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Trolltunga Adventures organizes outdoor adventure trips in Hardangervidda National Park and beyond. We´ve been offering overnight hikes to Trolltunga since 2013.

One of the best ways to connect with nature is to spend a night camping in the wild. We've spent hundreds of nights sleeping in tents and know our shelter and cooking routines like second nature.


Trolltunga Adventures

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Our Treks

You may not have the gear or expertise to attempt an overnight backpacking trip in to the mountains of Norway, but we do and would love to share our passion with you.


We guide the trips that blows us away. A lot of exploration goes into each and every trip we lead. When we find a route or a location that drops our jaw, we know we’re onto something that you’ll be happy with. We spend a great deal of time improving our services, and we maintain a genuine commitment to the environment.

Feedback from you, our clients, is an essential ongoing process that helps us steer everything forward.

And every year we try to get better and better. And better.



Always bring rain and windproof outerwear that can help you adapt to changing weather conditions.  Wear wool as your inner layer so that you keep warm even if you get wet. Leave your jeans and trainers at your base, they are not suitable in the Norwegian mountains.


Take care of the nature

Norwegian nature is accessible to everyone which makes it very vulnerable. Make sure you bring back everything that you take with you including all garbage and always leave nature the way you found it. This way, you’re helping to ensure that the mountain landscape is preserved for the future.


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