The guided overnight is best way to enjoy Trolltunga

I’m an experienced hiker and almost always do my hikes alone, but made the best decision to go with Trolltunga Adventures. I picked them for two reasons. One, I wanted to enjoy my time on the hike and not rush. A 15 miles hike is a lot to do in one day. With an overnight, it is very manageable. Second, I brought along a friend who has limited hiking experience. He was nervous of his abilities to do the hike and I kept insisting he is capable and we would do it at a slow pace. We booked last minute and didn’t see anything available on the website, so we emailed them directly. We got a response back within minutes that they had space for us.

They provide everything - tent, sleeping bag, snacks, and hot meals. You only need to bring a small backpack. Our guide Oda was such a kind soul and showed us the trek’s hidden gems. She grew up in the area and knew all of the histories. We had lunch on a grassy ledge next to a waterfall and ate veggie and prosciutto sandwiches with hot tea. We reached Trolltunga an hour after lunch and luckily we had it all to ourselves. We heard the line to get on the rock was nearly 3 hours the day before. One of the benefits of doing the overnight trek - you have two opportunities to see Trolltunga. So if weather or crowds are bad one day, you can try the next morning.

Our camp was waiting for us about 45 minutes beyond Trolltunga. We had giant Fjallraven tents to sleep in (basically a condo) and a large domed tent for the group to have meals together. Dinner was a delicious reindeer stew on rice with lingonberry and grilled bread. Just when I didn’t think it could get any better, Oda gave me a hot water bottle to warm my sleeping bag! I slept like a baby, then woke to the soothing sounds of rain on my tent. After a breakfast of hot oats (with cinnamon, butter, and berries), we left camp to see Trolltunga again.

It’s very cool to step out onto the ledge, but I think we were all more impressed with the views you get the majority of the hike. Steep mountains thrusting out of turquoise fjords take your breath away. Weather is unpredictable and you will likely get rained on, but that’s part of what makes the experience memorable.

Rain or shine, it’s a bucket list worthy trek. I know my experience would not be as remotely memorable if I didn’t do this guided tour. I can’t recommend them enough! p.s. my friend had a great time and said it was easier than expected.

- Jenny Adleman, TripAdvisor july 2019

The best way to see Trolltunga!

I am writing this post the classic hike lying down as I’m not sure my legs want to be used anymore... I don’t normally write TripAdvisor reviews but these guys and this tour deserve it!

We hiked up on the 18th of August which was rain hail and gail force winds. We were told to have wet weather gear and to have our backpacks covered with all our clothes for the night in plastic bags to keep everything dry. Despite all this Thomas and Peter kept our spirits high. This was possibly the worst weather possible to hike trolltunga but we regret nothing!

The guys looked after our every need and were prepared for everything

They feed you lots with snacks along the way and the most delicious dinner and breakfast. The campsite is set up near the original pulpit rock and it’s so byoootiful. We had to stay in an emergency cabin near by due to the size of winds but it was lovely still. The next day we had a lovely walk back in sunny-ish but cold weather. The guys looked after our every need and were prepared for everything.

This overnight hike let’s you beat the crowds and gives you time to enjoy everything instead of rushing there and back

Everyone I’ve know did this hike in one day which I didn’t want to do as I knew I wouldn’t enjoy hiking up and down all that way. This overnight hike let’s you beat the crowds and gives you time to enjoy everything instead of rushing there and back. Also if you happen to encounter terrible weather I don’t know what I would have done without Thomas and Peter guiding me.

Couldn’t recommend these guys enough.

Lisa, London, UK TripAdvisor

Trolltunga Sunset & sunrise tour

Epic days!

We have just returned from a 2 days trek with Thomas and the team. The trip has been truly epic, in the top 5 most defining trips of my life! We have been lucky with the sunny weather, and with the group which was full of interesting people.

However what made this trip genuinely special is the guides, their attention to details, kindness and their knowledge on the hills! We always felt 110% confident we are in the best possible hands!

The top 5 most defining trips of my life!

Will you walk a lot? Yes!! Will you be tired? Absolutely!

However with these guys you guaranteed to have fun for the whole trip, and you will probably feel bad at the end of the day that it is over - at least we did. And I am sure you will have some new friends at the end of trip!

Zsolt, Budapest, TripAdvisor

Zsolt’s photo from Preikestolen close to our Trolltunga Adventures Wilderness Camp.

Zsolt’s photo from Preikestolen close to our Trolltunga Adventures Wilderness Camp.

Amazing 2 day hiking trip

This trip was epic! If you love hiking, adventure & a challenge then book a tour with Trolltunga Adventures.

We went on a 2 day tour (Long March) with 1 night overnight camping, I would recommend this over the one day trip to see Trolltunga. You get to walk away from the trail everyone else takes and hike in some of the most stunning & dramatic landscape I have ever been to, including the famous Trolltunga tongue, when you see it with your own eyes, it is breathtaking.

There were 10 people in our group which was large, and everyone agrees the trip was made extra special by our 3 guides, Thomas, Stian & Tobias. They really looked after us & went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable & fed very well, they even brought us breakfast & coffee in bed in the morning, it was very welcome!!!

If you are thinking of going I couldn't recommend these guys highly enough, go for it!!!

Laura, London, TripAdvisor

Overnight hike to Troll's tounge Trolltunga.jpg